Westnine London is a multilingual PR & Marketing Service with more than 15 years’ experience working across furniture, food and beverage, automotive and tourism sectors.

We’re not huge, and we like it that way. We’re an extension of your team and part of your business. London-based, our reach is international with projects in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

We help businesses achieve their goals and objectives in a bespoke, personal and transparent way and help you to truly understand the culture and your clients in the country you would like to growth.

We deliver results. We build and sustain profiles no matter what size your business, whether it’s for a SME’s or individual entrepreneurs.

We curate and manage events, and work out a marketing plan which helps to drive sales in the country you would like to explore.

When we need to, we access a closely linked network of experts – branding, website design, photographers– to support our work.

We offer both UK and International bespoke marketing & communications strategies.

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